Program Schedule

Scheduling (Updated May.21)

Click below and download PDF file for details.


Mon1: Monday 09:45-10:35
Mon2: Monday 10:55-12:15
Mon3: Monday 13:30-15:15
Mon4: Monday 15:30-17:15

Tue1: Tuesday 08:30-10:15
Tue2: Tuesday 10:30-12:15
Tue3: Tuesday 13:30-15:15
Tue4: Tuesday 15:30-17:15

Wed1: Wednesday 08:30-10:15
Wed2: Wednesday 10:30-12:15

NSI: Non- and Semi-parameteric Inference
MFL: Multivariate/Functional/Longitudinal Data Analysis
HDM: High-dimensional Models
DMC: Data Mining/Complex Data Analysis
BBS: Biostatistics/Bioinformatics/Survival Analysis
BOT: Bayesian/Others
TSS: Time Series/Spatial Statistics
BNL: Bernoulli Society Sponsored
PRO: Probability

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