Topic-Contributed Paper Sessions

Topic-Contributed Paper Sessions (Updated May.18)

TCP01 Developments in Computational Algebraic Statistics
(Organizer: Takayuki Hibi)
TCP02 Asymptotic Theory for Stochastic Processes and Related Topics
(Organizer: Masayuki Uchida)
TCP03 Recent Development in Joint Models and Their Applications
(Organizer: Yangxin Huang)
TCP04 Contemporary Bayesian Methods and Their Applications
(Organizer: Taeryon Choi)
TCP05 Multivariate Asymptotic Theory
(Organizer: Yasunori Fujikoshi)
TCP06 Quantum Statistical Inference
(Organizer: Masaki Owari)
TCP07 Spatial and Environmental Statistics
(Organizer: Yoshihiro Yajima)
TCP08 Ensemble Learning for Statistics
(Organizer: Osamu Komori)
TCP09 Foundation of Tensor data analysis and design theory
(Organizer: Toshio Sakata)
TCP10 Symbolic Data Analysis and Related Topics
(Organizer: Mika Sato-Ilic)
TCP12 Design of Experiments and Group Testing
(Organizer: Masakazu Jimbo)
TCP13 Statistical Disclosure Control
(Organizer: Shido Sai, Co-organizers: Nobuaki Hoshino)
TCP14 New Developments in Sufficient Dimension Reduction and Semi-parametric Estimation
(Organizer: Bo Kai)
TCP15 Recent Advances in Multivariate Analysis
(Organizer: Hidehiko Kamiya)
TCP16 Quantile regression and related topics
(Organizer: Kengo Kato)
TCP17 High-Dimensional Inference and Methodologies
(Organizer: Makoto Aoshima)
TCP18 Structural Modeling and High Dimensional Data Analysis?
(Organizer: Young Kyung Lee)
TCP19 Selection and Classification
(Organizer: Hiroshi Kurata)
TCP20 Emerging New Wave of Quantum Statistics from Practical Perspective
(Organizer: Fuyuhiko Tanaka)
TCP21 Financial Risk Managements
(Organizer: Ryozo Miura)
TCP22 Theory, Algorithms, and Applications of Density Ratio Estimation
(Organizer: Masashi Sugiyama)
TCP23 Bayesian Modeling and Its Applications in Social Science
(Organizer: Jun Lu)
TCP24 Computational statistical analysis
(Organizer: Kentaro Tanaka)
TCP26 Statistical methods in health science
(Organizer: Donguk Kim)
TCP27 Directional Statistics
(Organizer: Shogo Kato)
TCP28 Applications of Bayesian Statistics
(Organizer: Kentaro Fukumoto)
TCP29 Exact and Approximate Distribution Theory in Multivariate Analysis
(Organizer: Hiroki Hashiguchi)
TCP30 Biostatistics
(Organizer: Choongrak Kim)

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