Invited Paper Sessions

Invited Paper Sessions (Updated May.16)

IP01 Applications of Mathematical Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Linda Collins)
IP02 Depth, Extreme Quantiles and Classification
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Regina Liu)
IP03 Recent Advance in Multiple testing, Regularization Method and Network
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Runze Li)
IP04 Recent Developments in Statistical Machine Learning and High Dimensional Data Analysis
(Sponsor: IMS, Co-Organizers: Yichao Wu, Yufeng Liu)
IP05 Optimal Designs for Nonlinear Models
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Min Yang)
IP06 Statistical Methods for High-dimensional Data
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Yi Li)
IP07 Time Series Analysis
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Qiwei Yao)
IP08 Advances in Spatial and Spatial-Temporal Statistics and Their Application to Climate Problems
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Mikyoung Jun)
IP09 Nonparametric Inference with Applications to Climate and Astronomy
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Woncheol Jang)
IP10 Inference for Time Series Models and Stochastic Processes
(Sponsor: Korea/KSS, Organizer: Sangyeol Lee)
IP11 Statistical Tools for Genome-wide Association Study
(Sponsor: Korea/KSS, Co-Organizers: Jaewon Lee, Sungho Won)
IP12 Multiscale Modeling
(Sponsor: Korea/KSS, Organizer: Hee-Seok Oh)
IP13 Inference for Stochastic Processes from High-Frequency Data
(Sponsor: Japan/JSS, Organizer: Takaki Hayashi)
IP14 Nonparametric and Semiparametric Methods in Econometrics
(Sponsor: Japan/JSS, Organizer: Yoshihiko Nishiyama)
IP15 Incomplete Data Analysis and Latent Variable Model
(Sponsor: Japan/JSS, Organizer: Yutaka Kano)
IP16 Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems
(Sponsor: Japan/JSS, Organizer: Tadahisa Funaki)
IP17 Bootstrap Methods
(Sponsor: Japan/JSS, Organizer: Hidetoshi Shimodaira)
IP18 Entropy Methods in Statistics
(Sponsor: Japan/ISM, Organizer: Yoichi Nishiyama)
IP19 Random Matrix: Theory and Applications
(Sponsor: India, Organizer: Arup Bose)
IP20 Multivariate Quantiles and Related Statistical Methods
(Sponsor: India, Organizer: Biman Chakraborty)
IP21 Design of Experiments
(Sponsor: India, Organizer: Aloke Dey)
IP22 Heavy Tails and Extreme Value Theory
(Sponsor: IISA, Organizer: Parthanil Roy)
IP23 Some Recent Advances in Nonparametric Statistics
(Sponsor: IISA, Organizer: Bodhisattva Sen)
IP24 Statistical Methods in Genetic Epidemiology
(Sponsor: IISA, Organizer: Nilanjan Chatterjee)
IP25 Non- and Semi-parametric Methods and Applications
(Sponsor: Taiwan, Organizer: Ming-Yen Cheng)
IP26 Advances in Survival Analysis
(Sponsor: Taiwan, Organizer: Yi-Hau Chen)
IP27 Recent Development in Semiparametric Time Series Models
(Sponsor: Hong Kong, Organizer: Yingcun Xia)
IP28 Recent Advances in Time Series Analysis.
(Sponsor: Hong Kong, Organizer: Shiqing Ling)
IP29 Interaction of Geometry, Set-valued Analysis and Spatial Statistics
(Sponsor: Australia and New Zealand, Organizer: Estate Khmaladze)
IP30 Interface of Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
(Sponsor: Bernoulli Society, Organizer: Edward Waymire)
IP31 Mixed Models
(Sponsor: Australia and New Zealand, Co-organizers: Samuel Muller, Alan Welsh)
IP32 Model Selection and High Dimensional Data Analysis
(Sponsor: Singapore, Organizer: Chenlei Leng)
IP33 Recent advances for Functional and fMRI Data.
(Sponsor: ICSA, Organizer: Jane-Ling Wang)
IP34 Statistical Inference Under High Dimensionality
(Sponsor: ICSA, Organizer: Hui Zou)
IP35 Statistical Methods for High Dimensional Genomic Data
(Sponsor: ICSA, Organizer: Michael Wu)
IP36 Random Walks and Particle Systems
(Sponsor: China, Organizer: Dayue Chen)
IP37 Applied Statistics in China
(Sponsor: China, Organizer: Jianhua Guo)
IP38 Biostatistics and related topics
(Sponsor: China, Organizers: Dayue Chen)
IP39 Statistical Inference for Large Complex Networks
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Jie Peng)
IP40 Interface of Probability and Mathematical Statistics II
(Sponsor: Bernoulli Society, Organizer: Edward Waymire)
IP41 Nonparametric Multivariate Mixtures - Their Identifiability and Estimation
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Michael Levine)
IP42 Model Selection in Complex Problems
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Snigdhansu Chatterjee)
IP43 Spatial Statistics
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Marc G. Genton)
IP44 Recent Progress in Nonparametric Function Estimation
(Sponsor: Korea/KSS, Organizer: Kyusang Yu)
IP45 Statistical Learning Methods in Functional/High Dimensional Data Analysis
(Sponsor: Korea/KSS, Organizer: Cheolwoo Park)
IP46 Advances in Nonparametric Multivariate Statistics
(Sponsor: India, Organizer: John Einmahl)
IP47 Inference Methods for Complex Data Settings
(Sponsor: India, Organizer: Minge Xie)
IP48 Recent Advances in the Analysis of Interval-censored Failure Time Data
(Sponsor: Singapore, Organizer: (Tony) Jianguo Sun)
IP49 Statistical Theory and Applications for High Dimensional Data
(Sponsor: Singapore, Organizer: Annie Qu)
IP50 New Directions on Statistical Modeling of High Dimensional and Complex Data
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Fang Yao)
IP51 Volume-of-Tube Method and Its Applications to Multiple Comparisons
(Sponsor: IMS, Japan/JSS, Organizer: Satoshi Kuriki)
IP52 Object oriented data analysis
(Sponsor: IMS, Organizer: Alicia Nieto-Reyes)

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