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Our Sincere Gratitude to All Participants(July 6, 2012)

Dear Participants of ims-APRM2012 Meeting

At 12:15 JST today, July 4, 2012, all program of the four-days meeting of the "ims-APRM2012" was successfully over, with 507 participants of pre-registrants and on-site registrants. We also received many comments from participants that the meeting was a great success with "outstanding research presentations and great opportunities of research exchange".

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all 507 participants.
We spent the last two years in preparation for the very four days of this meeting and we are really glad from our heart that our effort has been rewarded.

We could not accomplish this much without two important factors.

First of all, kind support and cooperation from you, dear participants.
Secondly, patient advice and guidance from the Local Organizing Committee members.

Now we believe that the preparation for the ims-APRM2013 in Taipei has already been underway. We, the secretariat office of the ims-APRM2012 wish that the success in Tsukuba will lead to the further accomplishment in Taipei.

Thank you very much again and we, all the member of ims-APRM2012 secretariat office wish your further success and research accomplishment.

On July 4, 2012
Very Sincerely Yours,

Secretariat Office

Notice of important time(June 27, 2012)

01JUL Welcome reception
Time : 18:00~20:00 01JUL. SUN.
Place : Epochal Tsukuba Grand Fl., Main Entrance Hall
Fee : Free

0n site Registration
Time : 09:00~ 02JUL., MON.
Place : Epochal Tsukuba Grand Fl., Main Entrance Hall

03JUL Banquet
Time : 18:30~20:30 03JUL. TUE.
Place : Restaurant SANSUI-TEI
Fee : Pre paid.
Shuttle: To SANSUI-TEI
   18:00 from Okura Frontier Hotel EPOCAL
   18:00 from Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba
   18:00 from DAIWA Roynet Hotel Tsukuba
   18:00 from Hotel Grand Shinonome
To Hotels
   18:00 from SANSUI-TEI.

Changes from Abstract Booklet (June 25, 2012)

Latest changes to the Abstract Booklet is available in the following pdf file.

Latest Program (June 21, 2012)

The latest program is available now as follows:

Program.pdf [15.5MB]

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