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Correction of addresses and/or affiliations

  1. Please print name, membership ID number, and the necessary information on a postcard and mail it to to SINFONICA. The following information on both the former and the current affiliation is necessary when reporting a change in affiliation: (1) name of affiliation (2) address and zipcode (3) phone number (4) fax number (5) E-mail address. For address correction, (2) and (3) are necessary.
  2. Please indicate whether your contact addres corresponds to the address of the affiliation or a home address.

JSS office
The Japan Statistical Society
c/o Statistical Information Institute for Consulting and Analysis (Sinfonica)
Nohgakushorin Building 5F, 3-6 Kanda Jimboucho
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0051 JAPAN
TEL & FAX +81-3-3234-7738
E-mail :shom

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